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17 October 2007 @ 08:35 pm
All the news that's fit to print!  
So it's been forever, as always. Things have changed in just about the biggest way possible since I last posted. I don't feel like writing about things, so instead here are a bunch of pictures in somewhat chronological order. These are a general summation of some of the major things that have been going on. As for the specifics and all the other crazy details... oh my sweet angry Jesus... there is way too much to put in a single post. Or even a dozen. I guess I can sum it all by saying... My life is nothing like it used to be... and yet it is exactly the same as it always was.

Wait a minute... that wasn't a good summation at all. That was just a pseudo-poetic turn of phrase meant to confuse and intrigue while making the writer seem mysteriously vague. I am Cryptic Man, the master of not saying anything meaningful and instead spouting random things that don't mean anything but sound great!

Anyway, on to the photos.

Greensboro, my new home.

G'boro again.

A random shot of my college (Guilford College, in Greensboro, NC, for those who didn't know.)

My dorm building. 2nd floor baby!

My new supah <3 homies (and me looking super freakin weird.. or.. creepy.. or.. I don't even know. I just don't know).

We went to a Rusted Root concert. I know that's totally random, but whatever. I also went to see OF MONTREAL with some friends, but none of us took pictures. Thats because the concert was too fricken amazing! Film would explode in a shower of confetti and sugar and happiness if you tried to capture Of Montreals greatness.

Here's a series of shots from my fall break on the beach in Wilmington, which I am currently on right now.

It continues...

and some more...

and some more...

and that about sums it all up.

Oh wait... no it doesn't. What the hell... seagulls don't help anything!

And of course there's a million more things... a billion more things. However, I don't have the willpower to recollect everything... much less attempt to explain it. I suck at journaling. SO BAD.

State: mellowmellow
Noise: Sun Lips by Black Moth Super Rainbow
bethany.xgeniusx on October 18th, 2007 01:07 am (UTC)
Holy fuck, you are alive. You need to step up with the keeping in touch, mister.

You look like a pirate.
toreyoh_bandalore on October 18th, 2007 01:46 am (UTC)
Jesse I miss you like the deserts miss the rain.
Of Montreal?! Eee charlar.